Welcome to the world of NojiNoji

NojiNoji har en vision att skapa en plats som inspirerar och är en hyllning till den avslappnade maximalistiska stilen. Ett svenskt varumärke med rötterna på Bjärehalvön. Med kärlek till fantasi och kreativitet. I NojiNojis inspirerande värld kurerar och väljer vi ut tidlösa och moderna objekt som väcker känslor och går bortom trender för att vara en del av ditt hem under många år framöver.

Design philosophy

We are a young brand with a lot of knowledge about production and our philosophy is to work with people who understand the craftsmanship and have the same love as we have for Mother Earth. We are in the moment and we don't rush and we take our time to create the best version of ourselves and our products. 

Every product we create is born and made with love and passion. We produce our products in Sweden and the Spanish island of Mallorca

Welcome to our Space & Places

Our mission is to create stories and products that transport you and make you feel something. We are a big believer in the personal touch. Our space is our digital world of NojiNoji, and our place location is at Bjärehalvön. At our place, we mix objects and things. We are interested in the idea of blurring the boundaries between art and design.